Thursday, April 15, 2010

Italian volunteer in Moldova march 2010 experience

It was a great experience to collaborate with Nicolae Cirpala from IRFF ONLUS. When I joined his association I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I knew Nicolae I understood that he’s a great leader, with amazing social skills, with an uncommon sensibility, cleverness, creativity and sense of humor.
I spent one month in Chisinau working at IRFF, it was a unique period. Every day I learned a lot of things, especially the one that are not written in any books. I got in touch with different types of people and every single person gave me precious teachings.
Staying in Chisinau for me it was a 360° experience: learn the know-how of fundraising, teach Italian in an orphanage, explore the Moldavian culture and get in touch with local, lovely people. The world needs people like Nicolae and in general people who trust that do something better for our populations is possible and is necessary! If can go back in time, I surely do all again.
Silvia Biasutti volunteer from Italy