Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IRFF Moldova charity for peace, Interview with Cirpala Nicolae Executive director IRFF Moldova

IRFF Moldova – charity for peace
Interview with Cirpala Nicolae Executive director IRFF Moldova
How did this organization come about?
-IRFF ONLUS Moldova (IRFF ONLUS was founded from the inspiration of IRFF Italy), is a non-governmental, public, non-profit agency working to eliminate poverty, malnutrition, and disease.  Founded in June 2001 (we were officially registered in June 2001 at R. Moldova Justice department), IRFF ONLUS Moldova has sought to accomplish this goal by creating and sponsoring development projects that stimulate an exchange of knowledge, skills, and service between developed and developing countries.

Who is eligible to assist in your peace building efforts?
-Hosting hundreds of interns and volunteers every year, we are looking for people who are independent workers with good written and verbal communication skills.

You have made this very convenient for people overseas who want to help, but cannot in person.  Have you had success and interest from those who volunteer from home?
-          Sure.   Every year many volunteers from abroad help us with our services.  There are also hundreds of volunteers and youth locally in Moldova who are joining to it.

What are some of the qualities you look for a volunteer?
- Though not a pre-requisite, the following background is preferred:  a demonstrated interest in such subjects as international relations, peace building, fundraising and NGOs.  However, experience and academic qualifications can be matched with adequate enthusiasm for the area.

What inspires you to want to make Moldova a better place? 
- “Moldova is the corner of Paradise and land of heavenly fruits and wine; A fairy-tale country, a country full of legends, a land of dreams…”  These are epithets used by the visitors to describe the territory between the Prut and Nistru rivers.  They are also called Moldova – “The Swiss of the East”.  The Moldavian people are well known by their hospitality.  Every householder has a room in his house, named “Casa Mare” (the Big House), and it is prepared special for the guests.  Step inside and you will find yourself in a world full of kindness and warmth; there are songs and art objects executed carefully by different generations.  It will warm and fill your heart with joy.
But there is another part of the story as you may know.  Our small country, the poorest in East Europe, is separated in 2 parts:  Moldova and Transnistria.  With a political conflict, it also has a lot of other problems as underdeveloped country.  Therefore, our organization, with its goal, which is to offer psychological and financial aid to all those who in need, are beginning to help solve these problems by joining the UN millennium development and have been doing so since 2001.        
How can those who want to help contribute to your organization?
- To contribute there are many possibilities such as: volunteering virtually or directly in Moldova, donating, bringing sponsors, partners, funding our projects, partnering with our organization in international projects etc.  Every one has a place for their talents in our organization.

What are 3 things a person can gain from volunteering and interning in this program?
-          Firstly, they get priceless experience in our international organization.  Second, our organization is the best place where volunteers and interns can use and develop their talents.  Third and most important, is that participants are helping directly people in needs.

How will volunteering have an impact on those in Moldova?
-          Volunteering programs at our organization have already had a very big impact on those in Moldova from our programs that directly benefit orphaned children, disabled children, disadvantage youth, families and elders.

What aspects of volunteering need the most attention in your organization?
The following aspects of volunteering need the most attention in our organization are:
-          Media - writing articles etc. media work
-           IT - administration of computers and networks
-          Image maker - making booklets, creating video spots, creating thematic photos, creating promotional materials
-          Organizing activities for children in orphanages - sport and swimming instructors, team building etc. human development games
-      Teachers - English, Italian, French, German, Spanish languages
-          Fundraising - Writing and proof reading grant proposals, researching and contacting sponsors
-           Project research and creation – researching grant opportunities and creating projects to fulfill requirements. Justifying proposals with statistical evidence as well as forging domestic and cross-border partnerships.
-          International communication -researching and contacting potential International partners
 -    Interfaith peace building- visit and cooperate with different faiths, develop spiritual    life, ministry volunteers and mind and body harmony.
How people could contact you?
-          To contact us any time for more information about the program 24/7 - at Skype irffmd, or tel. 37369006351 or fax.37322738330, email, social networks id irffmd , web portal:
Your support is greatly appreciated.  Also welcomed are partnerships and sponsorships.  For donations to assist us in the betterment of Moldova, please contact us.
Melinda Rayes
Reporter and Editor