Sunday, April 24, 2011

Internship, volunteer, travel to Europe at International volunteer Academy by IRFF Moldova, close to Russia on

Internship, Volunteer, Europe placements in Moldova, close to Russia, invitation from IRFF Moldova charity for peace, short term and long term. Hosting hundreds of interns and volunteers every year, with 10years + experience in the area of volunteering we are looking for people who are independent workers with good written and verbal communication skills.
The following placements are available within the IRFF and our partners, Media,  Social media, volunteer radio, volunteer TV, social media marketing writing articles etc. media work; IT, administration of computers and networks; Image maker, making booklets, creating video spots, creating thematic photos, creating promotional materials ; Organizing activities for children in orphanages, sport and swimming instructors, team building etc. human development games; Teachers, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Korean languages etc; Fundraising, Writing and proof reading grant proposals, researching and contacting sponsors; Project research and creation   researching grant opportunities and creating projects to fulfill requirements, justifying proposals with statistical evidence as well as forging domestic and cross-border partnerships; International communication, researching and contacting potential International partners; Interfaith peace building, visit and cooperate with different faiths, developing spiritual life, ministry volunteers, mind and body harmony; Medical projects etc. placements, visit us now at: