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Formal Invitation Letter, We are very pleased to extend our formal invitation for the Service Project in Nepal to be held from June 2-9, 2012. The Religious Youth Service is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 to give opportunities to young religious people to live and work together as a community. The RYS has done projects in North America and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

RYS Nepal Office: 810, Peace Embassy Building, Bhagawati Bahal Naxal-1, Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel: 977-1-4444871 Fax: 977-1-4444818

                             RYS Service Project Nepal, 2-9 June2012

Formal Invitation Letter, We are very pleased to extend our formal invitation for the Service Project in Nepal to be held from June 2-9, 2012.

  The Religious Youth Service is a nonprofit organization founded in 1986 to give opportunities to young religious people to live and work together as a community. The RYS has done projects in North America and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.
     RYS is an experiential, service-learning project with a special focus on developing personal leadership and peacemaking skills. Through living and providing altruistic service within a community, we demonstrate that it is possible for our global human family to live together in peace and co-prosperity.
    We are glad to inform you that RYS-Nepal is organizing RYS Service Project in Chitlang Makwanpur from 2-9 June, 2012 with the theme "Social Transformation through Service ". We had for the past few years successfully hold the RYS Projects in Nepal and the similar projects are going on worldwide.
During the RYS Nepal Project, the participants will engaged in the community based volunteer works, educational workshop, interfaith & community visits, interaction programs, cultural learning experiences program and more exciting programs.
Herewith, we invite the young men and woman from different faith background, aged between18-35 to attend this unique service based project. During the project we will provide free lodging, food and domestic land transportation.
Look forward seeing you in Kathmandu.
Piya Ratna Maharjan
Project Director
Mobile: 9841228264. Email:
RYS Vision Statement
Young leaders of all faiths serving together for Peace
RYS Mission
Our mission is to provide an environment wherein youth can rise above doctrinal differences, unite in activities of service and learning, and develop leadership abilities that enable them to help create a culture of peace.  
RYS History
     The RYS was founded in 1986 and did its first social service project with 120 youths between the ages of 20 - 30 for a period of six weeks. By 1988, the program was transformed into an experiential, social service-learning project. Since 1990, RYS has done many projects annually in various countries around the world. By the late 1990s, RYS expanded its educational program to include leadership components. The new millennium saw an integration of the arts as service into our programs and projects. 
     In recent years, we have further expanded our outreach, doing more projects locally, regionally and internationally, drawing together people who historically have been enemies and providing them with opportunities to work together in serving the whole community. Through this, deep friendships have been formed and peace has been honored and celebrated.RYS Education programs
     The RYS provides intercultural, experiential, social service-learning opportunities for youth to challenge their limitations and thereby develop personal leadership abilities. We give participants a chance to take initiative and build relationships of cooperation, trust and friendship with people from diverse backgrounds.
     Woven into the project schedules are a variety of cultural events, educational seminars and recreational activities that allow participants to experience the amazing cultures of the world firsthand.
     Through these opportunities, participants can realize their potential, share their best qualities, and improve their capacity for reconciliation. After completing the RYS programs, participants can apply their enhanced leadership capabilities to develop sustainable, peace promoting activities with diverse people.  
It is also an opportunity for people to express and further deepen their faith, as well as share their best qualities. Through our program, many have expanded their understanding of themselves and others and become true "Youth Ambassadors for Peace".
     The RYS is in support of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)- which form a blueprint agreed to by all the world's countries and all the world's leading development institutions.

Chitlang, Nepal
June 2-9,  2012

INSTRUCTIONS: (1)Please type or print legibly                                                                   
                               (2) Attach a recent passport size photograph                           


                         Title                                                                           First Name                    Family Name (as given in Passport)

Male (   )      Female (    )   Date of Birth_____________ ___________________Marital Status ____________________________________
                                                                Month               Day                 Year

Religious Tradition________________________Current Religion Affiliation______________________Country of Birth________________

Country of Citizenship___________________________________Passport no/date of issue/expiry__________________________________


City                                     State/Province            Postal Code                                        Country

Phone______________________________  Fax____________________ ___________Email_____________________________________

PERMANENT ADDRESS:(if different from the above address) ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                        City                                                                    State/Province

                              Postal Code                                                                                              Country




PASSPORT INFORMATION:  This information is very important if our office needs to help you obtain a visa. If you are in the process of getting a passport, please send us this information as soon as it is available. If you need an invitation letter please contact PiyaRatnaMaharjan at:

Contact: 810 Peace Embassy Building, BhagawatiBahal, Naxal-01
Kathmandu Nepal. Tel; 977-1-4444871 email:

RYS Service Project, Chitlang, Nepal

-      Tentative Program Schedule

June 2, 2012( Saturday)

All Day Arrival-

12:00                     Departure to Chitlang
4:00 pm                 ArriveChitlang
5:00                        Welcome
5:30                        Check in
6:00                        Introduction
8:00                        Dinner
9:30                        Lights out
3 June 2012 ( Sunday)

7:00:AM               Wake Up
7:30:                      Morning Devotion & Exercise
8:00:                      Breakfast
9:00:                      Registration
10:00:                    Opening Session
11:00:                    Briefing on the program/objectives of program/introduction of school
12:00:                    Lunch
2:00                        Visit Chitlang Goat Cheese making house  
3:30                        Project site work: Helping on making a library room            
5:00                        Tea break
5:30                        Continue works
7:00                        Dinner
8:00                        Reflection
9:00                        Free time
10:00                     Lights Out

4 June 2012( Monday )

6:00:AM               Wake Up
6:30:                      Morning Devotion & Yoga Exercise
7:00:                      Breakfast
8:00:                      Work at Project Site
10:30:                    Tea -Break/ continue Works
12:00:                    Lunch
1:30: PM               Interfaith Visitat Hindu Temple and Trout Fish Breeding Farm
3:00                        Tea Break
5:00                        Return to dormitory
6:00                        Education Program/Sharing
8:00                        Dinner
9:00                        Free time
10:00                     Lights Out

5 June  2012    ( Tuesday )
6:00:AM               Wake Up
6:30:                      Morning Walk
7:00:                      Breakfast
9:00:                      Community based Drinking Water Work  (helping to lay pipes for drinking  water for local community & laying water sanitation pipe : work together with local community )
12:00:                    Lunch
1:00: PM               Interfaith visit Buddhist Peace Pagoda built by Emperor Ashok 2025 years ago
3:00                        Tea Break
5:00                        Return to dormitory
6:00                        Brain-Storm  Session
8:00                        Dinner
9:00                        Free time
10:00                     Lights Out

6 June 2012  (Wednesday)

6:00:AM               Wake Up
6:30:                      Meditation
7:00:                      Breakfast
8:00                        Trekkingto Marco (One of the beautiful place in Chitlang covering forest, hydropower, green pastures& villages)
12:00:                    Picnic Lunch
1:00: PM               Interfaith program at Church
4:00                        Project works: Library
6:00                        Education Session
7:00                        Reflection/ Sharing
8:00                        Dinner
9:00                        Free time
10:00                     Lights Out

7 June 2012  ( Thursday)

6:00:AM               Wake Up
6:30:                      Morning Spiritual Assembly
7:00:                      Breakfast
7:30                        Educational Excursion to Daman (Tourist attraction destination where we can view the panoramic view of Himalayas and pony riding and short trekking
12:00:                    Lunch
5:00                        Education Program
7:00                        Reflection
8:00                        Dinner
9:00                        Free time
10:00                     Lights Out

8June 2012  ( Friday)

6:00:AM               Wake Up
6:30:                      Morning Freshness Program
7:30                        Breakfast
7:45:                      Leadership Training Program
10:00:                    Friendship Volleyball Match
1:00: PM               Lunch with Community
3:00                        Closing Ceremony/Cultural Program Community
Cultural Program by students       
                                Graduation Ceremony
8:00                        Bon Fire Dinner
9:00                        Entertainment
                                Lights Out

9  June  2012  ( Saturday )

7:30                        Morning Breakfast

All Day Departure to Kathmandu

RYS International Voluntary Service Project
"Social Transformationthrough Service"

Project Date           :  2-9 June, 2012
Location                   :  Chitlang, Makwanpur,  Nepal
Project Work          : To build the Library at the Shree SwachandaBhairavHigher Secondary Schooland the renovation of the Community Drinking Water

Partnership Project with Shree SwachandaBhairav Higher Secondary School
Local Village Development under the Ministry of Local Development
Chitlang Local Community and Universal Peace Federation

Introduction of Nepal
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked sovereign state located in South Asia. It is located in the Himalayas and bordered to the north by the People's Republic of China, and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of India. With an area of 147,181 square kilometers (56,827 sq mi) and a population of approximately 30 million, Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country by land mass]and the 41st most populous country. Kathmandu is the nation's capital.
Nepal has a rich geography. The mountainous north has eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest, called Sagarmatha in Nepali. It contains more than 240 peaks over 20,000 ft (6,096 m) above sea level.[7] The fertile and humid south is heavily urbanized.

RYS Community Based Service Project
RYS has organized several service projects in Nepal on annual basis promoting inter-religious harmony and educating youths representing from different tradition, culture and faiths in Nepal.
RYS Projects has been known among many youths, religious organization, NGOS, government and the people of Nepal for its unique components as
  • Community based service project
  • Value Education, Leadership Training Program, Peace Education
  • Inter-religious Visits, interaction programs  and Dialogue with communities
  • Cross cultural International Learning Experience
  • Volunteer Service Opportunity

Role of RYS in Nepal
RYS Nepal in its continuous effort in promoting peace and harmony through service projects in Nepal and since 2003 RYS Nepal has been organizing such service projects in different parts of Nepal. It has been one of the most successful result oriented service projects ever in Nepal.
Religious Youth for Peace
Religious Youth Service is creating a youth generation for the past decade in Nepal who are religious minded dynamic socio spiritual oriented people and with this group we can lay  forthe sustainable peace and development. This is exactly RYS Nepal is doing in producing peace minded youth that live for the sake of others rather than themselves.
About the school and the Need of a Library in Chitlang
SwocchandaBhairav Higher School was established more than sixty years old.  It is one and only higher school in this Chitlang area. Many children walk more than hours every day to go to this school for study since it is the only school that offers class one to college level. More than 550 children are studying there. Though this is higher secondary  school in this region and very popular among the local community. Unfortunately  there is no library in this school or around this areas ,Therefore, we propose to support building library which is very important component  of improving the education standard  of the children.

Introduction of the Community Project Site
Community basedProject Work 1:    To build the Library for school

Project Work 2: To renovate  Community  Water  Drinking Work
During the project RYS participants will do renovation of the Community Water tap so that they will have 24 hours drinking water from natural spring water.  Also we will support working for the drainage system near the water tap so that water will run smoothly. This will be another significant contribution towards the people of Chitlangfor their life improvement.
Scenes around project area

Those who are interested in participating at this service project can apply on line or send their application direct at the following address;
Number of Participants:
·         We cordially invite the dynamic youth volunteers from local and international to this service project.  Participants should be between 16-35 years old.

Registration Fees:

·          International participant US$100
                Regional USD$50
                 Local Rs 1500    

RYS - Education Program
Imparting knowledge, providing education and giving training to the RYS participants is the most important segment of RYS Project therefore during the project we will invite different religious leaders, scholars, teachers and NGO for interaction and devotional programs so that young people will have ample opportunity to learn and understand each tradition, culture, faiths so that after the program they can share their experience back to their local communities.
Similarly  International participants will have chance to learn about the Nepalese culture, tradition, deep rooted religious background and history by visiting local families and community.
 Inter-religious Visits

Impact of the Project:                    What changes we can make:
Chitlang is an emerging tourist destination and yet it is without much development due to geographical location. There are only a few schools and the school we are doing project is only higher school in this area and presently there are more than 550 children are receiving education from this school. With the establishment of library the children, teachers and the researchers will be benefit.
Library is one of most required component of the education and every children needs to read books and until today children in this region are deprived of this facilities. Therefore, making a library will the best gift we can offer to the people of Chitlang Nepal.
Driking Water Project :  The community get benefit daily from this works.
Benefit Target Group:  
More than 500 school children and youths will get immediate benefits and the children in future. Teachers, visiting scholars, students and the community as a whole will get benefit indirectly. It will be the best gift we can offer this is community.
Project Partnership
Our aim is to build strong partnership and look forward working together for the betterment. Therefore, we look forward the interested project partners to make this service project successful.Those who are interested please contact us for more information. 
Contact Address:
Program Director
Peace Embassy Building,BhagavatiBahal, Naxal-1, Kathmandu, Nepal.Tel: 977-1-4444871, 4444872. Fax: 977-1-4444818Email:, Mobile: 977-9841228264

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This summer 2012 volunteers and interns are Invited abroad for Global or virtual placement at IVA, תקופת התמחות, 인턴십, インターンシップ, 实习. Travel, Study and Experience the World: Bangladesh, Costa Rica, India, Russia, Moldova, Morocco, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Israel, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Cameroon by International Volunteer Academy

International Volunteer Academy (IVA) - dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people (happy people–happy world) by implementing educational, investment, charity and development programs.

Currently we are looking for youth and partners worldwide.
Volunteer Academy relies on the efforts of interns and volunteers to make its programs work for good and therefore we are very flexible and easy to work with. Having 14 years + experience we are looking for people with strong written and verbal communication skills with an interest in international relations, social enterprise development, peace building, fundraising, NGOs or simply with an interest to have fun and travel.
Groups of any size are also welcome.
Interning or volunteering is unpaid work but you will gain a lot of precious knowledge and experience for your life. Volunteer Academy is able to arrange housing accommodations and provide you with various cultural excursions and experiences. Also by request we could organize business, study, scientific, research, student exchange, youth exchange, school exchange, medical, religious, visiting holy places, history, wine, food, natural fruits and vegetables, rural, ecologic etc. programs and tours. Prominent applicants could apply for virtual placements, by CV competition.
We do, however, ask for a one time donation of 40 US $ (additional to local fees) to cover the administration costs (local fees differ from country to country and program to program but are the cheapest in the world also some countries are hosting volunteers for free and some of them even provide sponsorships to volunteers, see below detailed info about).
1. Russia. Internships and volunteer positions for high moral standard youth, based on CV competition are wonderful opportunities to travel and explore Russia, study Russian language while gaining practical knowledge in a work environment. You will be able to learn about the logistics of a English language school, teach English and experience life in a fast developing former USSR country, and even take weekend excursions within Russia or in neighboring countries in few hours to Moscow, EU big cities, Kiev, Bucharest, Odessa, Crimea etc.

2. V. Volunteer or Internship Virtually. (For students and youth who need to intern or volunteer for their studies, make researches etc.) All our placements for internships and volunteer virtual opportunities:-Media, social media, video and photo reporting , filmmaking, writing articles etc. media work;- Fundraising- Project research and creation - Writing and proof reading grant proposals, researching and contacting sponsors,- researching grant opportunities;- NGOs;-                Public Relations, PR, Image maker - making booklets, creating video spots, creating thematic photos, creating promotional materials;-Social enterprise, Business development;-International relationships and communication -researching and contacting potential International partners, international or local research or studies:- Web development, IT etc about it.;- And more, just contact us! Virtual placements have the same privileges as field positions.
3. Volunteer in Moldova, All inclusive. Are you looking for a worthwhile project? Do you want to help disadvantaged children? You can volunteer in an orphanage in the capital city Chisinau, providing children with love, attention and the knowledge that someone cares about them. The project runs all year round but volunteers are particularly in need from Autumn- Spring. 2 meals a day and accommodation is provided and the participation fee is:-2 weeks = 500 EUR, 1 month = 950 EUR.

 4. Volunteer in Israel, All inclusive. Organization Experienced in hosting volunteers for 3 years. Fees: $ 60 /day, $ 420/week, $ 1500 /month, $ 15,000/year. Additionally we have internships in aspects of education, youth at risk, environment and so on. There are a guide who will lead the volunteers, make trips for the volunteers around Israel, visits and sport activities.

5. Volunteer in Morocco, All inclusive. 5 years experience in hosting volunteers. Fees: /day15EURO,/week80EURO,/month 230euro,/year2860 EURO. Volunteer opportunities and jobs Child Care & Nursery School Program in Marrakech city.
6. Volunteer in Pakistan. No Local fees. Hosting international volunteers since last four years and serve them in youth led activities and in association with national volunteers. Our organization does not charge any participation fee from volunteers. There are field visits for community development projects, engaging volunteers in social action projects and meetings with community, youth groups, orientations, participation in volunteer training and workshop, engagements in humanitarian assessments and participatory rural appraisals. Internships are also available.
7. Volunteer in Uganda, All inclusive .Volunteer work include: Teach English, Mats, plant trees, coffee farms, building classrooms, paint walls, make school furniture, work in community health center etc. 14 years experienced organization. Fees: 10$/day, 50$/week, 240$/month, 1800$/year.
8. Volunteer in Indonesia, All inclusive. Volunteer work Education, Eco-Environmental work . Internships positions: Business field  : Accounting, IT, Nurse, Doctor, TV/Radio Presenter, Education field :  Teaching medical /math/biology/ teach English/ exact Science in  local school/ local college. Participation fee cover : Official invitation,  air port pick up and transfer, Accommodations, Local transportation, Placement arrangements, laundry, Indonesian  language and cultural orientation, 1.000 US $ /month, local excursion during their day off ( 4 different tourism objects/month).
9. Volunteer in Cameroon No Fees .10Years experience in hosting volunteers. We offer administrative support to all our volunteers and accommodation in terms of scholarship. Our Volunteer and Internships positions are Health services and Educational services. Volunteers are performing diversified community services 7 hours daily from Monday to Friday. Volunteers will be accommodated during their stay and their safety remains our priority also. In weekends we offer Tours for our guests.
10. NIGERIA 2. Full support for volunteers’ placement. Hosting international volunteers for 5 years, our visitors have enjoyed staying with us in volunteer lodge at the first floor of our building. No fee for volunteers.  We offer transportation, accommodation, health care and feeding. Volunteer opportunities, acquire more skills and networking. Internships positions: Clerical agents, Health delivery, Field work, Camp visitation, Educational services. Working from Monday to Friday, six hours daily. We stay in permanent contact with our volunteers and we support them with health insurance, provide daily allowance. We offer site seeing for volunteers
11. GHANA Full support for volunteers. Five year experienced organization. Participation fee for 1 volunteer to host is 934Euro/month.  Volunteers will work with community development projects, working with children and youth, sports, etc. Internships are also available.
12. Nepal Full support for volunteers. Ten years experienced volunteer hosting organization invite you to experience this country with  and fee for a week 200 Dollars  or/month 400 Dollars to teach health issues and orphanage. Also available internships in medical and health area.
13. Ghana 2, Full support for volunteers.  7 years experiences working as a volunteer coordinator in the one Region of Ghana, our team have been trained to provide a warm, safe, and clean environment for volunteers and they all has a lot of experience working with volunteers.  For one month the fee is $1159- cover: Official invitation , Accommodation is with a host family, Includes Airport Pick up and transportation to the project site, Meals , 24/ 7 in-country support. Program Options include, Civil Society Volunteer Program, Teaching in local schools, Computer training, Orphan Care, Farming Advisor Program, Sports coaching, Health education (HIV/AIDS), Volunteers may also come up with their own personalized project.  Volunteers work general work a Monday to Friday week, although days may vary depending on the program selected. All volunteers get a minimum of two days off to use how they wish, whether it be for travel, participating in community events, time to themselves, etc.
14. Sri Lanka, Full support for volunteers. Specialist in Income generating activities, Fundraisers, Management Advisors, English Language Teachers for Kids and Youths, Working with disabled persons organizations, Work with youths.  For internship, available opportunities are teaching English for youths. After arrival in Sri Lanka, one of our staff members will pick them at the airport. Two days stay at Colombo ( for one week volunteers this will be an half a day program)  and have an orientation about country, nature of the work, nature of the organization, program for the period of staying in Sri Lanka, food and drinks, own safety, do’s and don’t do’s, reporting necessities, Prevention and cure from troubles etc. Every volunteer can contact chief Executive Officer 24 hours of the day.  Trips: - If volunteer going to stay more than 3 months, arrange 3 days 2 nights exposed trip, selected by the volunteer or the group. One week – 443US$, One month -  (without  trip) 665US$  , One month – (with   trip) 1065.50US$  , Three months - (without  trip) 1327.50US$  , Six months – (with  trip) 2,455 US$
15. Volunteer in Bangladesh, Full support for volunteers. Organization experience in hosting volunteers 42 years. Total fee for one month volunteering is 1500$.  Volunteer work and internship placements are available in the following areas: youth social work, health clinics, family planning, business development, IT, media.
16. Volunteer in Somaliland. Five years experienced organization in hosting volunteers. Participation fee for 1 volunteer to host is $4750/ 3 month (Food ( 3 months), Accommodation  (3 months)). Hosting organization is responsible for: Invitation letter, Visa issuance, local transportation from residence to the office and field works, Arrange placement into a program, Office space to work.
17. INDIA, Full support for volunteers. Organization experience in hosting volunteers is 5 Years. Total fees/ month are USD 2000. Honoree of USD 1000 Per Month to the successful participants for continuously three terms. Volunteer opportunities/jobs: Language and Information Technology Training, Livelihood Research and training to the poor rural Indian People. Internships positions Train the Trainers / Rural Youth Training /Livelihood Training. Except accommodation and Living an Honoree of USD 150 is paid to the interns in monthly basis. Volunteer week: three days theoretical class room training, two days participation in field work and two holidays.
18. Costa Rica. All inclusive. Latin American Program. Organization experience in hosting volunteers 15 yrs. Participation fees: $305/week, US$1350/month (fees cover: Accommodations, Placement arrangements, Administrative fee, Living, Food). Volunteer opportunities/jobs are two kinds: sea turtle conservation projects: 1.In-water studies volunteers in this project support our scientists in collecting data about local sea turtle population. 2. Beach projects: In our beach projects on the Caribbean coastline volunteers work to help with the night patrols, hatchery shifts and beach clean-ups. We have internships positions as Research Assistants. Volunteer week: At all the projects, there is a fix time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The workload of a volunteer is about 30 hours per week. Additional to program services for volunteers, common free time activities are swimming depending on the conditions of the sea, relaxing in the hammock, trips into the forest, mangrove (kayak), playing soccer or beach volleyball. Costar Rica is a developing country and projects locations are places with basic conditions. Living in a tropical paradise, with forever green forest and clean blue ocean water volunteers will have a great experience. Not only improving their knowledge also their education and respect for the nature.

In order to apply, send your telephone number, resume, country and position request to  and
-Travel, study and experience the World in the most fanny way by Internship or Volunteer program at
International Volunteer Academy, IVA   dedicated to
enhancing the lives of the people (happy people–happy world).
-Begun in 1998 the International Volunteer Academy is a branch of an incredibly fast-growing international movement, which now boasts all over the world. Please help this group grow by spreading the word! So, why not "pay it forward" and
tell 3 (or more) people how wonderful is! 
-You tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers...and they tell theirs, and so on ...well, you get the idea!
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