Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last minute reservation to Himalayas Service Project in Nepal June 1-7, 2013

RYS- International Learning Service Project  :Theme" Youth Service  For the Unity in Diversity"
Introduction of Nepal
Nepal lies along the mountains in the central portion of the Himalayas. This rectangular piece of South Asia has acted as an important bridge linking two ancient civilizations - China in the North and India in the South. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal.
Nuwakot is one of the district of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. nuwakot covers an area of 1121 km with district headquarter in Bidur. the district Nuwakot contains lots of historical places such as Nuwakot palace and Devighat. The main rivers of Nuwakot can be said for Trisuli. Nuwakot has played a historical significance since the historical period of Nepal. Before 1744 A.D Nepal was a tiny pieces ruled by several dynasty. After then, King Prithvi Narayan Shah, King of Gorkha land Started his Unification
Panoramic view of Nuwakot
Project Date                        :  June 1-7, 2013
Location                                                Sri Bhairum Higher Secondary School, Nuwakot, Nepal
Project Work                        : To Paint the Sri Higher Secondary School
                                                During this one week project all the participants will help painting the school

building ….this is the main contribution and support towards the school and the community of Nuwakot.
Introduction of the School
Sri Bhairum Higher Secondary School was established more than 55 years ago. It is the only higher secondary school in this area.  Many students come from far away to study in this school. 
This school has more than 600 students. It has classes from grade 1-12.  This school has provided service to more than hundred thousand students in this area during those 50 years and popularlyknown for its service to the community.
International Learning Service Project
RYS has organized several RYS local service project for more than a decade in Nepal bringing youth from around the world especially from Asian Nations, USA, Europe, Korea, Japan, Russia and Middle East. And we are glad to have more regular service project in Nepal so that youth will get ample opportunities to exercise their talents and experiences.
RYS ProjectNepal has been known among various sectors such as FBO organization, NGOS, Government, semi government and the service sectors in Nepal for the following unique components as
  • Community based service project
  • Value Education, Leadership Training Program
  • Inter-faith Visits and Dialogue
  • Cross cultural Learning Experience
  • Volunteer Service Opportunity
.Religious Youth for Peace
Religious Youth Service is creating a youth generation for the past decade in Nepal who are religious minded dynamic socio spiritual oriented people and with this group we can lay a for sustainable peace and development. This is exactly RYS Nepal is doing in producing peace minded youth that live for the sake of others rather than themselves.
Education Program
Imparting knowledge, providing education and giving training to the RYS participants is the most important segment of RYS Project therefore during the project we will invite different religious leaders, scholars, teachers and NGO for interaction and devotional programs so that young people will have ample opportunity to learn and understand each tradition, culture, faiths so that after the program they can share their experience back to their local communities.
Culture Learning Experience
RYS a role model service project by playing role as a catalyst by creating a common platform for all participants despite their diverse background. Uniqueness of RYS project …is the inter-religious visit at the different religious sites to understand each faith by breaking the religious barriers. At the same time International participants will have chance to learn about the Nepalese culture, tradition, deep rooted religious background and history by visiting local families and community.
Inter-religious Visits
View of different religious sacred places in
What changes we can make:
Since we work with the Municipality and other social institutes in this area the impact will be very positive. And the former Mayor and the local community in this area are happy to see this service project going on their areas. In this way we believe that we can make changes at the community level and also the changes within youth participants representing from the different parts of Nepal and the globe.
Project Partnership
Our aim is to build strong partnership and look forward working together for the betterment. Therefore, we look forward the interested project partners to make this service project successful.
Facilities Provided During the Project
Free Landline Transportation/food/accommodation and Wi FI will be provided.
·         Please note that Landline transportation means airport pick up/drop, transport from Kathmandu to Nuwakot Project Site during the project.
·         Transportation facility is not for the personal shopping or group shopping or tour. If you to do that you have to bear your own expenses. (However we provide onetime transportation for the shopping for international participants).
·         Accommodation will be provided on twin or group sharing basis.
·         Food will be provided on buffet system
Participation Information
We cordially invite the dynamic youth volunteers from local and international to this service project.  And the participants should be between 16-40 years old.
Number of participant maximum 30
Registration Fees:
For International Participants: USD100
For South Asian participants: USD50
For Local participants: NRS.1500
For more information please contact the following addresses:
Mr. PiyaRatnaMaharjan, (Program Director)
UPF-Nepal, Peace Embassy Building,BhagavatiBahal, Naxal-1, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel: 977-1-4444871, 4444872. Fax: 977-1-4444818 Cell: 977-9841228264