Friday, September 29, 2017

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Aide en ligne. - être entraîné. - par l'écrivain Cirpala Nicolae. - pour la vie. - Démarrez les affaires. - consulter à - Si vous avez des circonstances de vie difficiles. Mais il n'y a personne qui puisse vous écouter. - puis appelez maintenant: WhatsApp, Viber, Tel: +7 981 130 83 85. - NOUVELLE deuxième réunion de consultation est GRATUITE
Having 20 years’ experience in consulting people, I invite you to use this chance to leverage my skills and knowledge for your benefit. Two heads really are better than one. The basic principle of my consultations is individual approach, knowledge of the Life Principles and that each person has awesome internal potential. Human nature is typical oriented on self-improvement, and the consultant’s work will be aimed to find the best ways of solving the difficulty. Believe me, there are real opportunities I offer to people the best possible options for further development, which will reduce the negative manifestations of crises.
Cirpala Nicolae also has more than 20 years of experience in designing, implementation and monitoring of different business and development projects. He took internships and works in 30 countries, raising his qualification also organized hundreds of training and projects in different business areas.
As a writer, writing visionary, predictions and books for life and business, give presentations about it as a guest speaker at international seminars and conferences.
All consultations are confidential.
Consultations are provided after payment. After payment write us an email to arrange an online meeting.
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Life is good! Learn Online Instant How to solve life Problems, Constantly Improving the Quality Of your Life!
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